The Champagne Murders (French: Le scandale) is a 1967 French suspense thriller mystery film directed by Claude Chabrol and starring Anthony Perkins. It was the first of two films that Chabrol made with Perkins, who is most famous for his role in Psycho directed by Alfred Hitchcock, whom Chabrol admires above all other directors.

For his role in the film, Maurice Ronet won the Best Actor award at the San Sebastián International Film Festival.

Taking a prostitute to a park after drinking, Paul Wagner is attacked by unknown assailants, who leave him with a serious head injury and strangle her. Unable to manage the family champagne business, it is run for him by Christine Belling and her assistant Jacqueline. Christine tries to take advantage of Paul by selling the company, but he refuses to sign. On a business trip to Hamburg with Christine's husband Christopher (Perkins), he gets drunk and goes to a park with a prostitute, who is found strangled in the morning. Going with Christopher to the party of a promiscuous artist, Paul again gets drunk and she is found strangled in the morning.

Terrified that he may be murdering young women after drinking, Paul seeks the help of Christine while Christopher is away. She takes advantage of Paul by getting him to sign away his rights in the company. He goes home despondent and in the morning Christine is found strangled. Christopher, who now owns the business, turns up with a striking blonde, whom Paul remembers seeing in Hamburg and at the artist's party. It is Jacqueline, without the dark wig and pale make-up she wore to work, who is Christopher's mistress and has done the last three stranglings. A gun is pulled out and the movie camera recedes as the three fight over the gun.

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weitere Titel:
Le Scandale sh
The Champagne Murders
Le scandale - Delitti e champagne
香槟谋杀案zh-hans zh
IMDB: 615
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San Sebastián International Film Festival
Prize San Sebastián
Best Actor
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