Choral des Todes


The Mark of the Angels – Miserere (French: La marque des anges – Miserere) is a 2013 French thriller film directed by Sylvain White and based on Jean-Christophe Grangé's 2008 novel Miserere (novel) [fr]. Headlined by Gérard Depardieu and JoeyStarr, the film is the fifth adaptation of a Grangé novel after The Crimson Rivers, Empire of the Wolves, The Stone Council [fr] and Flight of the Storks and the first for which Grangé himself did not collaborate on the screenplay. Instead, the novel was adapted by La Proie and La chance de ma vie co-writers Laurent Turner and Luc Bossi [fr] in collaboration with director White and Yann Mège (Paris enquêtes criminelles).

The film, which benefitted from a large budget, deals with a series of mysteriours murders, Nazism, private military companies and child abuse. It was poorly received by critics and failed to make an impact at the box office.

Quelle: Wikipedia(englisch)
12.09.2013 in Deutschland
weitere Titel:
La Marque des anges
The Mark of the Angels – Miserere
Aniołki spod znaku Misererepl
Choral des Todes
Herstellungsland:Frankreich, Deutschland
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