Danny Roane: First Time Director


Danny Roane: First Time Director is a 2006 comedy film written, directed by and starring Andy Dick, and also starring Jack Black and Mo Collins. This independent production is a documentary mixed with a mockumentary on Dick's struggle on making a film.[2] The film premiered at the 2006 South by Southwest Film Festival,[3][4] and released to DVD on November 6, 2007.[5]

After being blackballed from Hollywood because of his drunken antics, Danny Roane, a washed up TV actor, sobers up to direct his first feature film. As the pressure builds, Roane turns to the bottle again and attempts to finish his movie about drug and alcohol abuse. But in his drunken madness, he decides to make the film a musical.

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Danny Roane: First Time Director ast
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IMDB: 594
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