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Men in War is a 1957 black and white American war film about the Korean War directed by Anthony Mann[2][3] and starring Robert Ryan and Aldo Ray as the leaders of a small detachment of American soldiers cut off and desperately trying to rejoin their division. The events of the film take place on one day; 6 September 1950. The picture was based on a 1949 World War II novel of the Normandy campaign[4] Day Without End by Van Van Praag that was retitled Combat in 1951. Made soon after the end of the Korean War it was still very much in the minds of the American public.

Some sources claim that credited screenwriter Philip Yordan was actually fronting for the blacklisted Ben Maddow. The Pentagon refused any cooperation with the producer and condemned the film for its depiction of a US Army unit without discipline.[5]

Most of the same cast and crew made God's Little Acre the following year.

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weitere Titel:
Cote 465
Men in War eu ast
Uomini in guerra
Män i krig
Tag ohne Ende
Mężczyźni na wojniepl
Herstellungsland:Vereinigte Staaten
IMDB: 2742
Verleih:United Artists, Netflix
Regie:Anthony Mann
Drehbuch:Philip Yordan
Ben Maddow
Kamera:Ernest Haller
Schnitt:Richard Meyer
Musik:Elmer Bernstein
Produzent:Sidney Harmon
Darsteller:Robert Ryan
Aldo Ray
Robert Keith
Nehemiah Persoff
Vic Morrow
Adam Kennedy
James Edwards
L. Q. Jones
Victor Sen Yung
Anthony Ray
Adam Kennedy
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Directors Guild of America, USA
DGA Award
Outstanding Directorial Achievement in Motion Pictures
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