Big and Little Wong Tin Bar


Big and Little Wong Tin Bar (Chinese: 大小黄天霸 ), also known as Seven Little Valiant Fighters (Chinese: 橫掃江南七霸天 )/Two of a Kind, is a 1962 Hong Kong film. The film is notable, for being Jackie Chan's and Sammo Hung's film debut. Until 2016, the film was considered lost. The only footage that survived before that period were a 9-minute opening clip[3] and a short 5-minute clip of dialogue.[4] The film was rediscovered when a complete copy was released onto YouTube on 3 February 2016.[5][6]

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weitere Titel:
Big and Little Wong Tin Bar ro id tr ms
Великий і малий Вонг Тін Бар
Большой и маленький Вонг Тин Бар
大小黄天霸zh-cn zh-hans zh-my zh-sg
大小黃天霸yue zh zh-hant zh-hk zh-mo zh-tw
هفت مبارز کوچک دلیرfa
IMDB: 157
Verleih:Golden Harvest
Regie:Lung To
Darsteller:Jackie Chan
Sammo Hung
Li Lihua
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