Gun Power


The Immortals is a 1995 action thriller film produced by Elie Samaha and directed by Brian Grant. Eric Roberts, Tia Carrere, Joe Pantoliano, Chris Rock, William Forsythe, Clarence Williams III and Tony Curtis feature in this film.

A crafty nightclub owner (Jack) brings together a group of small-time hoods and teams them up in unusual pairs (black man and white racist, Ivy Leaguer and simpleton) for a set of multiple heists which turn out to be an elaborate double cross against a notorious gangster (Dominic). During an extended standoff in a nightclub between Jack and his band of thieves and Dominic's henchman, the hoods discover why Jack brought them all together for what amounts to a suicidal mission.

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weitere Titel:
The Immortals tr ast
Gun Power
Genre:Actionfilm, Kriminalfilm
Herstellungsland:Vereinigte Staaten
IMDB: 1322
Verleih:Crown Media Holdings
Regie:Brian Grant
Richard Donner
Drehbuch:Elie Samaha
Brian Helgeland
Produzent:Elie Samaha
Darsteller:Eric Roberts
Joe Pantoliano
Tia Carrere
Tony Curtis
Clarence Williams III
William Forsythe
Chris Rock
Michael Paul Chan
Clarence Williams
Robert Kerman
Oleg Borissowitsch Widow
Alex Meneses
Louis Lombardi
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