Love Nest


Love Nest is a 1951 American comedy-drama film directed by Joseph Newman and starring June Haver, William Lundigan, Frank Fay and Marilyn Monroe.

The post-World War II comedy features an early supporting role for Monroe. It is one of the few films future Tonight Show host Paar made prior to his television career, and the last film appearance by Fay, who had been a popular stage comedian in the 1920s and revived his career starring in the long-running Broadway comedy Harvey. It was also the last appearance by silent star Leatrice Joy.

The film borrows its name from the song "Love Nest" with music by Louis Hirsch and lyrics by Otto A. Harbach. The song is sung by a chorus over the opening credits and was used as a theme song for The Burns and Allen Show on both radio and TV.

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weitere Titel:
Love Nest nb eo id ast
Nid d'amour
Casanova vuokralaisenafi
Le memorie di un dongiovanni
爱巢zh-cn zh-hans
آشیانه عشقfa
Genre:Dramedy, romantische Komödie
Herstellungsland:Vereinigte Staaten
Verleih:20th Century Fox
Regie:Joseph M. Newman
Drehbuch:I. A. L. Diamond
Kamera:Lloyd Nicholas Ahern
Musik:Cyril J. Mockridge
Produzent:Jules Buck
Darsteller:June Haver
William Lundigan
Marilyn Monroe
Frank Fay
Jack Paar
Leatrice Joy
Martha Wentworth
Blossom Rock
Franklyn Farnum
Ray Montgomery
Michael Ross
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