Jennifer On My Mind


Jennifer on My Mind is a 1971 American drama film based on the 1968 novel Heir by Roger L. Simon. It was directed by Noel Black from a screenplay by Erich Segal, stars Michael Brandon and Tippy Walker, and features Robert De Niro in a minor role.

This was one of the many early 1970s films dealing with addiction following the explosion of recreational drug use in the 1960s.[1]

The basic premise of the movie is centered around two rich American young adults who meet and fall in love in Venice, Italy. With plenty of money and no real responsibilities or direction in life, the couple begin experimenting with illicit drugs. The movie travels through a series of flashbacks showing their progression from marijuana to harder drugs as a result of their complex romantic entanglement with each other.

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weitere Titel:
I maledetti figli dei fiori
Jennifer on My Mind tr ast
Думаю о Дженнифер
Думаю про Дженніфер
جنیفر در ذهن منfa
我心爱的珍妮弗zh-cn zh-hans zh
Jennifer On My Mind
Herstellungsland:Vereinigte Staaten
IMDB: 430
Verleih:United Artists, Netflix
Regie:Noel Black
Drehbuch:Erich Segal
Kamera:Andrew Laszlo
Musik:Stephen J. Lawrence
Produzent:Tony Curtis
Darsteller:Michael Brandon
Renée Taylor
Robert De Niro
Barry Bostwick
Jeff Conaway
Tippy Walker
Chuck McCann
Erich Segal
Joseph George
Kim Hunter
Peter Bonerz
Steve Vinovich
Allan F. Nicholls
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