The Manhattan Project


The Manhattan Project is a 1986 American science fiction thriller film. Named after the World War II-era program that constructed the first atomic bombs, the plot revolves around a gifted high school student who decides to construct an atomic bomb for a national science fair. It was directed by Marshall Brickman, based upon his screenplay co-written with Thomas Baum, and starred Christopher Collet, John Lithgow, John Mahoney, Jill Eikenberry and Cynthia Nixon. This film – a box-office bomb whose ticket sales recovered just 21 percent of its budget – was the first from the short-lived Gladden Entertainment.

The film's director and screenplay co-writer Marshall Brickman had established his career as a co-writer on several Woody Allen films. The Manhattan Project was his third film as director, following the comedies Simon (1980) and Lovesick (1983).

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weitere Titel:
Le Projet Manhattan
The Manhattan Project ast
Gioco mortale - Manhattan Project
Манхэттенский проект
پروژه منهتنfa
Farligt legetøj
Le Projet Manhattan (fim)ht
Genre:Jugendfilm, Thriller
Herstellungsland:Vereinigte Staaten
IMDB: 59000
Verleih:20th Century Studios, Netflix
Regie:Marshall Brickman
Drehbuch:Marshall Brickman
Kamera:Billy Williams
Musik:Philippe Sarde
Produzent:Marshall Brickman
Darsteller:John Lithgow
Cynthia Nixon
Jill Eikenberry
Robert Sean Leonard
John Mahoney
Warren Keith
Richard Jenkins
Timothy Carhart
Fred Melamed
Jimmie Ray Weeks
Debbie Gibson
JD Cullum
Dan Butler
Sully Boyar
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