The First Kiss


The First Kiss is a 1928 American silent romantic drama film directed by Rowland V. Lee and starring Fay Wray and Gary Cooper.[1] Based on the short story Four Brothers by Tristram Tupper, the film is about a Chesapeake Bay fisherman who turns to pirating in order to be rich enough to marry a society girl.

The First Kiss was produced by Famous Players-Lasky and released by Paramount Pictures. Today it is considered to be a lost film.[2][3][4] Some filming took place on the Chesapeake Bay in Saint Michaels, Maryland.[3]

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weitere Titel:
The First Kiss ms ast
Genre:Liebesfilm, Stummfilm, Filmdrama
Herstellungsland:Vereinigte Staaten
IMDB: 19
Verleih:Paramount Pictures
Regie:Rowland V. Lee
Drehbuch:John Farrow
Kamera:Alfred Gilks
Produzent:Adolph Zukor
Jesse L. Lasky
Darsteller:Fay Wray
Gary Cooper
Lane Chandler
Leslie Fenton
Paul Fix
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