Eine Hausfrau zum Knutschen

Pearl is an American sitcom television series which aired on CBS from September 16, 1996 until June 25, 1997. The series starred Rhea Perlman, in what was her return to television after the conclusion of her long-running series Cheers three years earlier on NBC. Don Reo created the series, and Perlman served as an executive producer alongside Reo, Paul Junger Witt, Tony Thomas and Gary S. Levine. Pearl was produced by Impact Zone Productions and Witt/Thomas Productions in association with Warner Bros. Television.

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weitere Titel:
Pearl ast ga
珍珠zh-hant zh-cn zh
Eine Hausfrau zum Knutschen
Genre:US-amerikanische Fernsehsitcom
Herstellungsland:Vereinigte Staaten
IMDB: 163
Musik:Craig Safan
Darsteller:Rhea Perlman
Kevin Corrigan
Carol Kane
Malcolm McDowell
Dash Mihok
Lucy Liu
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American Choreography Awards, USA
American Choreography Award
Outstanding Achievement in Television - Episodic
Young Artist Awards
Young Artist Award
Best Performance in a TV Comedy - Guest Starring Young Performer
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