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Four Eyes and Six Guns is a 1992 Western comedy film starring Judge Reinhold, Patricia Clarkson and Fred Ward. It includes guest roles by Dan Hedaya, M. Emmet Walsh, Jon Gries, Austin Pendleton and others.

Earnest Allbright (Judge Reinhold) opens his eyeglass store in what he thinks is a thriving community, but soon discovers that his store is just a shabby shack in Tombstone, Arizona. The town's Doom Brothers are trouble for everybody including Wyatt Earp (Fred Ward), the sheriff. Earnest uses his own special brand of short-sighted shooting to help Wyatt rid the town of its worst citizens and live in peace.

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weitere Titel:
Cztery oczypl
Four Eyes and Six Guns ast
Four Eyes and Six-Guns
Gut gezielt ist halb getroffen
Genre:Filmkomödie, Western
Herstellungsland:Vereinigte Staaten
IMDB: 221
Regie:Piers Haggard
Kamera:Anthony B. Richmond
Musik:David Shire
Darsteller:Judge Reinhold
Patricia Clarkson
Fred Ward
John Schuck
Jon Gries
M. Emmet Walsh
Dan Hedaya
Dennis Burkley
Forry Smith
Ann Risley
Austin Pendleton
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