Why Girls Leave Home


Why Girls Leave Home is a lost[4] 1921 American silent drama film produced by Harry Rapf for Warner Bros.[5] It was the only film from the studio to make a profit in 1921.[6] The poster for the film was featured in the 1962 film Gypsy.[7]

Why Girls Go Back Home (1926) is a sequel to the film that was also produced by Warner Bros.

Mr. Hedder (George Lessey) is an old fashioned man who will not let his daughter Anna (Anna Q. Nilsson) own an evening gown, but she is given one by a friend who is a model. Hedder believes that she stole it and confers with Mr. Wallace (Claude King), the owner of the store. On Wallace's advice, Hedder hits Anna, causing her to leave home and move in with some gold diggers. She discovers that Wallace is a lenient father, and his daughter, Madeline (Maurine Powers) frequents less-than-reputable nightclubs, and is also the pawn of Mr. Reynolds (Coit Albertson), who is dating her for business reasons. Anna discovers Madeline alone in Anna's apartment and uses this to get back at Wallace. She eventually sends Madeline home, and the two fathers reconcile with their daughters.

According to Warner Bros records the film earned $410,000 domestically and $40,000 in foreign.[3]

This film is now lost. Warner Bros. records of the film's negative have a notation, "Junked 12/27/48" (i.e., December 27, 1948). Warner Bros. destroyed many of its negatives in the late 1940s and 1950s due to nitrate film pre-1933 decomposition. No copies of Why Girls Leave Home are known to exist.

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weitere Titel:
Why Girls Leave Home ast
Waarom meisjes het huis verlaten
Genre:Stummfilm, Filmdrama
Herstellungsland:Vereinigte Staaten
Verleih:Warner Bros. Entertainment
Regie:William Nigh
Drehbuch:William Nigh
Produzent:Harry Rapf
Darsteller:Anna Q. Nilsson
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