Wer zum Teufel ist Juliette?


Who the Hell is Juliette? (Spanish: ¿Quién diablos es Juliette?) is a Mexican 1997 documentary film written and directed by Carlos Marcovich.[1] The film is about Yuliet Ortega, a teenage prostitute who lives in Havana, Cuba and Fabiola Quiroz, a Mexican model.[2][3] Marcovich intentionally misspelled the title character, "Yuliet Ortega", as "Juliette Ortega" in the credits.[4]

Marcovich met Fabiola Quiroz during the shooting of a music video. He met Yuliet Ortega in Cuba and decided that she would be the younger sister of Quiroz in the music video. Marcovich features the similarities of the two women: green eyes and persistent thoughts about their missing fathers.[5] After shooting the music video, he filmed the two women over a period of three years and created the film, Who the Hell is Juliette?[6]

The film was filmed in Cuba, Mexico, and the United States.[7]

Quelle: Wikipedia(englisch)
25.02.1999 in Deutschland
weitere Titel:
Who the Hell Is Juliette?
¿Quien diablos es Juliette?
Wer zum Teufel ist Juliette?
IMDB: 524
Verleih:Kino International
Regie:Carlos Marcovich
Drehbuch:Carlos Marcovich
Kamera:Carlos Marcovich
Schnitt:Carlos Marcovich
Musik:Alejandro Marcovich
Produzent:Carlos Marcovich
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