Nina Quartero

Nina Quartero (born Gladys Quartararo; March 17, 1908 – November 23, 1985) was an American movie actress whose career spanned from 1928 to 1943. She starred in several shorts and later in features such as The Red Mark (1928), Frozen River (1929), and Men of the North (1930).

Born in 1908 in Mount Vernon, New York, as Gladys Quartararo, the youngest of seven children. Although the press often claimed that Quartero was Spanish she was actually 100% Italian with both parents being immigrants from Sicily.[citation needed ]

Quartero was the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Quartararo.

She often played supporting roles and sometimes a love interest for the lead male actor. Quartero's olive skin allowed her to play many different types of characters.[citation needed ] In One Stolen Night (1928) Quartero was cast with Betty Bronson and William Collier. The story concerns a British World War I soldier who comes to the assistance of an enslaved dancer. In Frozen River (1929) she was paired with Raymond McKee as the motion picture's romantic leads.

In 1931 Quartero appeared in Arizona, an early John Wayne movie. Playing "Conchita," she is a source of strife in Wayne's relationship to the characters depicted by Laura La Plante and June Clyde. She performed again with Wayne in The Man from Monterey (1933). Her final screen performances show Quartero playing very small parts, such as an uncredited native dancer in Green Hell (1940), and a bar-girl in A Lady Takes a Chance (1943).

Quartero once tried a publicity stunt by claiming that she was betrothed to Notre Dame All-American quarterback Frank Carideo. Carideo demanded a retraction of Quartero's engagement announcement, although he admitted he knew her from a time when each resided in Mount Vernon, New York. He had also visited her home, in Beverly Hills, California, prior to the 1930 University of Southern California game, to exchange greetings. She married three times. She first married John C. Outhet, a millionaire from Chicago, in 1934 in Mexico but they divorced three years later. In 1937, she married publicist Joseph C. Shea, but divorced him in 1939. She was married to William Hook from 1944 until his death in 1974. She did not have any children.[citation needed ]

Quartero died in Woodland Hills, California in 1985, aged 78.[citation needed ]


Vornamen:Gladys Nina
Geburtsdatum:17.03.1908 (♓ Fische)
Geburtsort:New York
Sterbeort:Woodland Hills
Nationalität:Vereinigte Staaten
Berufe:Schauspieler, Filmschauspieler,